RCon3 scholarship



The RChain Cooperative offers scholarships to members who might not otherwise be able to attend RCon3. Scholarship awards are based on the appropriateness of the opportunity afforded by the conference related to the applicant's professional background, primary interest in attending the conference, proposed outcome of attending, and financial need.
Please complete the following application to be considered for scholarship funding to attend RCon3, RChain's conference for developers, to be held Sept. 5 and 6, 2018 in Berlin.
The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2018.
Scholarship FAQ
Who sponsors this scholarship?
This scholarship is available from the RChain Cooperative. Funding was approved by the RChain Cooperative board in May 2018.
Who is eligible to receive a scholarship?
Scholarships will only be awarded to members of the RChain Cooperative. You must be a member at the time of the scholarship admission deadline to be considered.
How is a scholarship award distributed?
Scholarships will be awarded as stipends. Stipends are available for costs related to travel and lodging only. To receive the stipend, scholarship recipients will pay costs up-front and then submit receipts and a reimbursement form.
What is the process for awarding scholarship funds?
A committee made up of five RChain cooperative members will review applications and recommend scholarship awards based on content provided in the application. The distribution of scholarship awards is at the discretion of the committee and the RChain Cooperative board based on the following criteria:
  • Applicant is a member of the RChain Cooperative
  • Appropriateness of the opportunity of the conference related to the applicant's:
    • Professional background
    • Primary interest in attending the conference
    • Proposed outcome of attending the conference
    • Financial need
How will information provided in the scholarship application be used?
All information collected will be used by RChain cooperative staff, board, and members of the RCon3 scholarship committee to evaluate applications, contact applicants for award notification, and to distribute scholarship funds.
When will applicants be notified?
All applicants will be notified by August 1, 2018.
What if I receive a scholarship and am not able to attend the conference?
Please let us know at events@Pyrofex.net as soon as your plans change. Doing so may allow us to offer the scholarship to someone else.
Scholarship Application
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Contact Information
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Are you an RChain member?
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Describe your primary interest in attending RCon3 (select one).
I want to be a node operator or validator.
I want to develop dApps on the RChain platform.
I am looking for investment for my project that can use the RChain platform.
I am a researcher in the field.
I am interested in learning more about blockchain solutions for my organization.
I don't know much about RChain, and I'd like the opportunity to learn more by attending RCon3.
What do you hope to gain by attending RCon3?
What do you hope to contribute to the RChain community by attending RCon3?
Estimating your cost for travel, lodging, and event registration, are you able to pay these costs up front and receive reimbursement at the end of the conference?
Yes No
Estimating your cost for travel, lodging, and event registration, what percentage of this cost can you contribute?
Professional Background
Will you be 18 years old or older by Sept. 5, 2018?
Yes No
Please briefly describe your educational and professional background.